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Relaxing In Mazamitla: The Perfect City Escapade

The montainous area South of Lake Chapala is becoming a popular destination among Guadalajarans. The pine woods, cooler temperatures and beautiful landscapes are some of the main reasons to spend a weekend relaxing in Mazamitla.

White walls, roof tiles and wooden doors houses bordering the cobbled streets. Besides, Mazamitla was designated a Pueblo Magico, an award by the Mexican Secretariat of Tourism, to those charming or significant villages for tourists to visit.

Street Details
Flowers Close-up

Relaxing In Mazamitla

  • San Cristobal church, in the Main Plaza, is one of the highlights in town. The building, as most of the village, is white with some red details. Very scenic.
  • Try the local food. There is a small but lively market on Juarez street.
  • Hike, picnic or ride a horse in Sierra del Tigre!
Flower vendors everywhere!
Around The Pedestrian Street

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El Salto Waterfall

Los Cazos park is a 30-minutes walk from Mazamitla center. Once there, a stone path through a forest will take you to this 30m (100ft) waterfall. The way there is pure quietness, beautiful landscapes, and fresh air.

Head Early To Avoid Crowds!
El Salto Waterfall

Where To Stay In Mazamitla

Bosque Escondido provides a wonderful chance to enjoy nature and relax. The cabins are independent one from the other, so you feel inside the forest. They are big, clean and comfortable. During the evening, light the chiminea and enjoy the views from the terrace. Beware, you will not even want to leave to explore the town!

Best Place For Realxing in Mazamitla
Bosque Escondido Hotel

The restaurant offers typical Mexican dishes as well as wood fired oven pizzas in the evening. I recommend the portobello au gratin, or a mushroom with cheese. Definitely one of the best dishes I have had in Mexico so far. The breakfast buffet has also a large variety and quality. Try the delicious waffles, chilaquiles (tortillas cut in quarters and lightly fried) and have a cup of café de olla.

Enjoy Mexican Food
Eating In Mazamitla

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