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Ramallah: How To Travel To The West Bank in Palestine

Ramallah, West Bank, State of Palestine

Take a stroll around Ramallah’s fruit market, or visit the Tomb of Yasser Arafat for a more historical approach. Feel the vibe of West Bank’s cultural capital while slowing down, watching people and inmersing yourself in the streets full of churches and mosques.

In fact, many people think going to Palestine is complicated, dangerous or even illegal. Actually, it is not like that, but let me explain the topic. The Palestinian Territories include both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. For those confused with these terms, check the following map:

Palestine Explained Map
Red: Gaza Strip / Blue: West Bank / Green: Israel

Nowadays, it is not a god idea to travel to the Gaza Strip, due to the Israel-Palestine territorial dispute conflict. On the other side, traveling to Ramallah and the West Bank is generally safe. However, check the news and the existing political situation before going there.

Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine
Ramallah’s Fruit Market

Ramallah Is The Gate To The West Bank

Go by public transport from Jerusalem. Take the bus number 18, 19, 218 and 219 near de Damascus Gate in East Jerusalem.

TIP! Take the passport with you, it might be asked at Qalandia checkpoint.

Views Over Ramallah West Bank
Hanging Clothes In Ramallah

Where To Stay

Hostel In Ramallah is a laid-back and fun place. A good spot to meet other travelers. Due to its central location, you can use Ramallah as a base from which to explore other areas as Jenin or Hebron.

He Was Confined For Two Years Here
Yasser Arafat Tomb

What To Eat

Walk along the main streets and the market area. There are endless options for any budget. Don’t leave without trying:

  • Falafel: a deep-fried ball made form chickpeas.
  • Shawerma: meat grilled on a spit and served on a pita bread with vegetables and dressing.
  • Pomegranate and orange hand-made juice. Delicious!
  • The ice-creams are famous too!
The Market A Gathering Point
Woman Buying Vegetables

More Information

  • Palestine doesn’t have an own currency. Israeli new shekel is used.
  • VisualizingPalestine provides lots of information to understand Palestine political situation.

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