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The Magic Of Queretaro In A Weekend

Queretaro is a colonial treasure because of its historical monuments. In fact, the city was denominated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. Feel the magic of Queretaro in a weekend by combinig its history, biodiversity and food. What a delightful mix!

The following three-days itinerary will guide you through beautiful squares, alleys and hidden paths; magic towns, big cliffs and even an exotic wine and cheese tasting.

Day 1


Walk through the six squares composed of Baroque and Neoclassical buildings, alleys full of handicrafts and viceregal monuments.

  • Visit the Republican Theatre, current headquarters of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the State of Querétaro.
  • On the Independence Square, you will see the govern palace or the Corregidora’s house. A place to hear stories of the Independence.
  • If Baroque art interests you, don’t miss the church and San Agustin’s ex-convent.
  • At last, take a photo at the Aqueduct. It provided fresh water to the city during decades and has 74 arches.
What an idyllic scene!
Guitar seller observing Queretaro’s aqueduct.

Day 2

Peña de Bernal

Next to Bernal Town, Bernal Peak is the world’s third largest monolith after the Rock of Gibraltar (in the Iberian Peninsula) and the Sugarloaf Mountain (in Rio de Janeiro).

You can reach the base of the peak by car, but you need to climb to the viewpoint. The walk lasts 45 minutes if you are in a good physical condition. The path is steep but easy. However, start early to avoid crowds and the strongest sun’s burning rays.

After the viewpoint, the last part before the summit has a vertical wall of 45 meters. In order to climb, it is necessary to have professional equipment and the basic knowledge to use it.  The rock is ideal for rappel lovers.

A Must Place To Go!
Bernal Peak Viewpoint

Bernal Town

After descending, rest in a restaurant of Bernal and taste the gorditas, a typical dish. Visit the main plaza and walk around the village until you reach the spot where the monolith is mixed with the village landscape! End your visit by drinking a craft beer or tasting the pan de queso, the cheese bread.

This One Is The Spot To Find!
Walking Around Bernal Town…


The beauty of Tequisquiapan lies in the colorful square covered with handicrafts and parades, the flowers decorating the kiosks and the lovely balconies. The village feels like a little beautiful gem. Besides, you will have plenty of restaurants, cafeterias and food markets to satiate your inner gourmand desires.

Love The Pink Tones!
Tequisquiapan Main Square

Day 3

Wine & Cheese Route

Do not leave the region without trying the typical enchiladas queretanas, nopal relleno or the covered candies. Moreover, Queretaro is known for being a vineyard region and a great cheese producer! Does it sound like a good plan? Spend your third day by visiting the famous vineyard route. Everything you need to know, here.

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Where to stay in Queretaro

Santa Lucha is a friendly, charming and colorful hostel located at the Queretaro’s heart close to museums, restaurants, and bars. The whole place is decorated with a fun Lucha Libre thematic. It was really amusing, you are going to love it!

One Of The Funniest Places I've Ever Been To
Santa Lucha Hostel

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