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Monterrey: Visit On A Budget

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Monterrey is the third largest city and the industrial center in the North of Mexico. Although few people consider it a popular travel destination, don’t misjudge it. There is much more than just business and industry.

Fisrt of all, nature lovers will enjoy the natural wonders surrounding the city, such as waterfalls and canyons. On the other side, the city is modern, well-planned and full of cultural offerings. This little guide will help you plan your trip.

Huasteca Park Monterrey
Hiking In Huasteca Park

What To Visit

  • Visit the Old Town during daytime to admire the colonial architecture. It is a good way to get a real feeling of what it was like to live in the times of old Monterrey. Come back at night, to enjoy its nightlife.
  • The Macro Plaza is the seventh-largest plaza in the world!
  • Santa Lucia Riverwalk. It links the Old Town with the Fundidora Park. Walk the promenade or navigate the channel. Observe the fountains, gardens and sculptures.
  • I loved Fundidora Park. Although Mexican cities lack of public spaces, this is a pleasant exception. It occupies the old land of a Steel Foundry Company. The design combines the old industrial structures with history, art and entertainment. There are beautiful gardens, leisure areas, playgrounds for children, museums and restaurants. Even an artificial lake!
  • At last and if you have the time, the 3 Museums deserve a visit too. They show different perspectives of the history of Mexico and Monterrey in particular.

TIP! Viva Aerobus is a Mexican low-cost airline part-owned by the founders of Ryanair. Monterrey is their main airport, so it is likely to find good deals!

Fundidora Park in Monterrey
Sunset From Fundidora Park

Sights Around Monterrey

  • Santiago. 40 minutes south from Monterrey. The village is famous for its architecture and the traditions preserved. Above all don’t miss Cola de Caballo waterfall:
    • Entry ticket: 40MXN (~1.90 USD).
    • Take a public bus from “Plaza el Cercado”. They leave regularly, and the costs is 25MXN (~1.20 USD).
  • La Huasteca & Chipinque Parks are ideal for trekking, rock climbing and cycling. You won’t believe such canyons and rock formations are only a few minutes from the city.
Cola de Caballo Waterfall Monterrey
Cola de Caballo Waterfall

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Best Accomodation In Monterrey

Amatle Cafe Organico is both a hostel and an organic cafeteria. Its location ia a beautiful colonial building right in the historical center of Monterrey. Besides they provide a simple but exquisite breakfast. It consists on a pastry and “café de olla”, a Mexican traditional coffe prepared in earthen clay pots.

Amatle Cafe Organico Monterrey
Amatle Cafe Organico

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