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7 Inspiring Travel Movies To Take You Far Away

Into The Wild - Sean Penn

Have you ever watched a film and felt the need to pack up everything and head out into the unknown? In this article I listed my all-time favourite inspiring travel movies.

Because some stories change the life to anybody willing to listen to them. It is a fact that people tend to read less and less every time, so the importance of image has become crucial. Nowadays, movies are one of the best instruments to inspire wanderlust. Let’s start!

 1. Diarios De Motocicleta (The Motorcycle Diaries)

At first I want to introduce you a biographical film based on the trip diaries of Che Guervara and Alberto Granado. It was directed by Walter Salles and starred by Gael García Bernal y Rodrigo de la Serna. If you are only watching one film of this list, make it this one.

This travel movie shows the mystery of South America and the power of its people. As a matter of fact these experiences opened Che Guevara’s mind and made him understand the purpose of his life.

Inspiring Travel Movies - Diarios De Motocicleta
2004 | Walter Salles | Spanish

 2. Wild

It is a 2014 American biographical survival drama film directed by Jean-Marc Vallée. It is based on Cheryl Strayed’s 2012 memoir Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail. For those who don’t know, The Pacific Crest Trail (or PCT) is a 4279 km (2659 mi) long and it passes through 25 national forests and 7 national parks. The route starts off the US-Mexico border and ends on the US border with Canada. We are not talking about a Sunday stroll here.

It might sound as a cliché, but the limits are only in our head and nothing can stop the goals we dreamed of. Watch the movie to understand the benefits and changing power of travel.

Inspiring Travel Movies - Wild
2014 | Jean-Marc Vallée | English

 3. Into The Wild

Similar to the previous one, Into The Wild (2007) is a biographical survival movie as well. It was written and directed by Sean Penn. It adapted Jon Krakauer’s 1996 non-fiction book of the same name, based on the travels of Christopher McCandless across North America and his life spent in the Alaskan wilderness in the early 1990s.

This drama also teaches to travel in order to know ourselves. However, it focuses in explaining that not even all the material things would make us as happy as nature.

Inspiring Travel Movies - Into The Wild
2014 | Sean Penn | English

 4. Seven Years In Tibet

Based on the book by the Austrian Alpinist Heinrich Harrer of 1953, Seven Years In Tiber recounts his experiences in Tibet between 1944 (World War II) and 1950 (entry of the People’s Liberation Army of China).

The incredible landscapes, the difference ways of appreciating life and the difficulties of living in the wild Asia are ingredients of this film that will take you to another level of satisfaction. I can bet on it.

Inspiring Travel Movies - 7 Years In Tibet
1997 | Jean-Jacques Annaud | English

 5. La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty)

I don’t normally watch films more than once. But I can’t get over La Grande Bellezza, I just love it. This 2013 Italian drama film was co-written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino. The movie is a visual poem as well as an ode to the unbeatable beauty of Rome.

Journalist Jep Gambardella shares the same fate as the Italian capital city. Both seeking the glory of its past to fight against the ephemeral of the present. Watch this film and Rome will become your next top bucket-list destination. Have you already been there? You’ll die to go back.

Inspiring Travel Movies - La Grande Bellezza
2013 | Paolo Sorrentino | Italian

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6. Paris, Je T’aime (Paris, I Love You)

This movie is composed by eighteen independent chapters. Not only each episode is located in a different neighbourhood, even the actors and director change! However, they all agree in showing Paris.

I loved the story of Carol, an american postal carrier woman traveling to Paris like the classic American tourist. She narrates her trip in a poorly pronounced French explaining what she loved about the city.

Inspiring Travel Movies - Paris Je T'aime
2006 | Several Directors | French

 7. The Darjeeling Limited

Finally, let’s end with a piece of art by Wes Anderson. The director of The Grand Hotel Budapest and Moonrise Kingdom has a very particular style, reflected in this movie as well. It is an emotional comedy about three brothers recovering family bonds. The eldest one tries to reconnect with his two younger siblings by taking them on a train trip across India.

Inspiring Travel Movies - The Darjeeling Limited
2007 | Wes Anderson | English

In conclusion, each one of these travel movies teach us to be curious and to discover the best of oneself. Traveling gives everyone a great chance to learn from different cultures, nature, an inner spiritual life… or even food! But the most important, it can teach what we are capable to do in our wild side.

Do you know any other inspiring travel movies? Reccomend me some down in the comments!

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  1. “Roman Holiday”! 🙂 Old but still good movie with beautiful Audrey Hepburn 🙂
    “A Room with a View” – beautiful Florence.

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