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Relaxing In Mazamitla: The Perfect City Escapade

The montainous area South of Lake Chapala is becoming a popular destination among Guadalajarans. The pine woods, cooler temperatures and beautiful landscapes are some of the main reasons to spend a weekend relaxing in Mazamitla. White walls, roof tiles and wooden doors houses bordering the cobbled streets. Besides, Mazamitla was designated a

The Magic Of Queretaro In A Weekend

Queretaro is a colonial treasure because of its historical monuments. In fact, the city was denominated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. Feel the magic of Queretaro in a weekend by combinig its history, biodiversity and food. What a delightful mix! The following three-days itinerary will guide you through

Segovia: How To Fall In Love With Castile And Leon

Views from outside the wall

Segovia, Castile And Leon, Spain Castile and Leon, in northwestern Spain, mostly consists of a high plateau surrounded by mountains. This article focuses on Segovia and several small dream villages around. World Heritage Sites Castile and Leon is the region in the world with the most World Heritage Sites, 8 in total. To put

Monterrey: Visit On A Budget

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Monterrey is the third largest city and the industrial center in the North of Mexico. Although few people consider it a popular travel destination, don't misjudge it. There is much more than just business and industry. Fisrt of all, nature lovers will enjoy the natural wonders surrounding the city, such

Tapalpa: Hiking In A Mountain Colonial Town

Tapalpa, Jalisco, Mexico. Hang around the monumental Main Square while eating some "borrego al pastor", the local traditional meal. Tapalpa is one of the finest colonial architecture villages in Mexico. But don't relax too much, since the surrounding waterfalls, rock formations and forests are the perfect call for any outdoor person. The name Tapalpa

Gdansk: Wandering The Narrow And Cobbled Streets

Gdansk, Pomeranian, Poland. Both the Teutonic Prussian and Slavic Poland past shaped a city of un-Polish architecture. Largely destroyed during the Second World War, and beautifully rebuilt afterwards. Travel to Gdansk in order to feels its diferences from the rest of Poland. In fact, it resulted as one of Europe’s most beautiful

Chichicastenango: Visiting An Indigenous Market

Chichicastenango, Quiche Department, Guatemala Learn from the ways of living preserved over time and be captivated by the clothes and handcraft local market. Chichicastenango represents Guatemala at its best, a magical and a spiritual place where traditions and culture emerge from every corner. 98.5% of the population is indigenous Mayan K'iche, from

Ramallah: How To Travel To The West Bank in Palestine

Ramallah, West Bank, State of Palestine Take a stroll around Ramallah's fruit market, or visit the Tomb of Yasser Arafat for a more historical approach. Feel the vibe of West Bank's cultural capital while slowing down, watching people and inmersing yourself in the streets full of churches and mosques. In fact, many