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Balandra Beach: The Desert Meeting The Sea

Balandra Beach, Baja California Sur, Mexico. White sandy, secluded, quite and clean. Balandra beach is one-of-a-kind. Explore the surrounding unique rock formations. Without doubt, one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. What To Do & Explore "Mushroom rock". A ten minutes walk north from the main beach. It's a reconstruction from

Tapalpa: Hiking In A Mountain Colonial Town

Tapalpa, Jalisco, Mexico. Hang around the monumental Main Square while eating some "borrego al pastor", the local traditional meal. Tapalpa is one of the finest colonial architecture villages in Mexico. But don't relax too much, since the surrounding waterfalls, rock formations and forests are the perfect call for any outdoor person. The name Tapalpa

Guachimontones: Worshiping The Old Gods

Guachimontones, Jalisco, Mexico. Guachimontones is a prehispanic archeological site dating from 300B.C. to 400A.D. Actually, it is the main Teuchitlan Culture settlement, and it was built as a political centre and a place to worship the gods. This UNESCO World Heritage Site stands out for the circular stepped pyramids. In fact, it