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The Agave Region. About The Origin Of Tequila

Heading To Tequila Main Squre!

The Agave Region is one of the most important cultural landscapes in Mexico. This scenic region in the state of Jalisco produces a drink that has become part of the Mexican national identity: tequila. However, do not think of this area only as a network of distilleries. Use the town of Tequila as a base: hidden waterfalls,

Around Lake Patzcuaro: The Heart Of Michoacan

From Morelos Statue

Around Lake Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico Michoacan is one of Mexico's most diverse states. From colonial towns to clear water lakes, volcanoes or butterfly reserves. Besides, the indigenous culture is still very strong. You will not hear any Spanish in many of the villages! Let's discover what you can find around Lake Patzcuaro! The name

Sheikh Zayed Mosque: The Islam United Through Art

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Located in Abu Dhabi and built between 1996 and 2007, Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the third largest mosque in the world. The overall design is considered a mix of Persian, Arab, Mughal and Moorish architecture. In this sense, the project aims to unite the

Guachimontones: Worshiping The Old Gods

Guachimontones, Jalisco, Mexico. Guachimontones is a prehispanic archeological site dating from 300B.C. to 400A.D. Actually, it is the main Teuchitlan Culture settlement, and it was built as a political centre and a place to worship the gods. This UNESCO World Heritage Site stands out for the circular stepped pyramids. In fact, it